National Coordinator: Loren Chong (Life Church, CA)

Board of Directors

  • Choi, Jon (Dallas Baptist University Professor of worship)
  • Kang, Ed (Gracepoint Berkeley Church, CA)
  • Kim, Israel (NewLife Oneway Church, CA)
  • McCann, Young Su (Journey Christian Fellowship, CA)
  • Park, Ray (Journey of Faith, TX)
  • Byun, James (Lifespring International Church, Songdo, Korea)
  • Boo, Sang (ESM of Good Community Church of Torrance, Torrance)

KBEMF’s Goals

I. Mobilization

  • Networking of English ministers
  • Exchanging ministry resources
  • Mission cooperation

II. Leadership Development

  • Mentorship
  • Accountability
  • Personal spiritual renewal
  • Pastoral leadership

III. Building Unity

  • Reducing the gap
  • Reestablishing the core values
  • Rebuilding biblical community

IV. Denominational Identity

  • Affirming, supporting and renewing the spiritual distinctiveness of SBC
  • Fulfilling the Great Commission in partnership with SBC